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What exactly is a private, concierge drug rehab treatment?

With so many unique drug rehabs and addiction treatment services here in Los Angeles, CA, how does private, concierge recovery stand apart from the rest?


The hurried lives most people live nowadays usually stand in the way when they want a life in sobriety and leave substance abuse problems behind them. Therefore, a 30-day drug and alcohol treatment program that will keep them inside the premises of an otherwise excellent facility in Los Angeles, California will just interfere with their busy lifestyle.

So, what happens when you want to receive private, high-end addiction treatment but don’t want to leave where you are? This is when concierge recovery comes in and offers you the opportunity to be provided with private addiction treatment on location, be it your home, office, hotel, on the court, on the field or tour. In other words, the service comes to YOU, regardless of where you are, how crammed your schedule may be or how unique your needs really are.

In full discretion, industry-leading physicians, coaches, therapists and experts of any other specialty required to cover your particular needs work with you with zero public interference. It is just you and your physician or coach on one-to-one sessions. However, besides the fact that every treatment comes fully customized per your unique requirements, it also provides a holistic approach to addiction treatment. Expect all mental health issues, such as depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder and anxiety to be properly addressed, too, so you get a full recovery on all aspects and a better chance to sustain a sober and happy life for many years.

The stressors and issues that are now beginning to take a toll on your life, affecting your personal relationships and livelihood will be effectively dealt with because concierge drug rehab treatments get to the root cause of the addiction, be it drug, alcohol, gambling or substance abuse, and help you propel forward in both professional and personal growth. Once the causes are identified, the recovery coach will assist you with all the coping and daily life skills that you might need. He will stand by your side until you learn to deal with the daily anxieties that have led you to your addiction, by yourself; until you are strong enough to take your life into your own hands.

It should also be noted that private addiction treatment utilizes the latest addiction science technologies and therapies, such as medical detox, neuroplasticity, neurofeedback, hypnotherapy, advanced nutrition and diets; all scientifically proven to be exceptionally effective in drug rehab.

All in all, a concierge addiction treatment is perfect for those with:

  • Time and financial constraints (inpatient facility accommodations come with a price).
  • Obligations that don’t allow them to be away from home (i.e., school, work, etc.).
  • A need for private one-on-one services as opposed to group therapies.
  • A need to be surrounded by the ones they love and are used to the convenience of private services that come to them.
  • A need to stay under the radar.
  • The desire to customize their treatment plan and receive holistic therapy that will also help them cope with mental-health

For all the above reasons, LIVE Treatment in Los Angeles, CA is where your addiction journey ends, and your more soul-filling sober life begins. We build the treatment around you and our board-certified specialists are there for you all along the way.

For more information on concierge drug addiction treatments, call us 24/7 at 888-506-1860…

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