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The Benefits of Private and Customized Mental Health Treatment

When it comes to treatment for drug addiction, mental health and dual-diagnosis disorders, private and customized treatment often means better long-term results.

Drug addiction, mental health and dual-diagnosis disorder is difficult and complex. Getting the right kind of treatment shouldn’t be. As the statistics for mental health and addiction rise to epidemic like numbers, there’s no way you should be treated like a number or statistic. You deserve a customized treatment plan that caters to your specific situation and needs that will ensure a successful and sustained recovery.

Private and customized mental health treatment gives you the best possible opportunity and means to face and overcome your addiction or dual-diagnosis issue.  Custom treatment brings together clinicians, physicians, therapists and coaches so that you receive a holistic and comprehensive treatment plan tailor made for you. This is not your typical rehab by any means! First of all, many treatment centers provide only drug addiction and substance abuse recovery services, unqualified to diagnose or treat mental health issues. Most treatments centers have standard operating procedures and rules to follow and rarely take into account your individual situation. Other treatment centers are geared towards luxury at the expense of quality care. Unfortunately, relapse is all too common when entering a typical rehab center, paving the way for a better solution – private treatment (also referred to as concierge treatment).

Concierge treatment developed out of a need for privacy, flexibility and success. Individuals who don’t fit into the general services offered at traditional rehab facilities can benefit from concierge treatment. Perhaps you can relate to one of the following situations:

John is a CEO at a fortune 500 company who was addicted to painkillers after his back surgery. When his doctor stopped prebscribing, he found himself trying to dull his pain with anything he can find in the medicine cabinet and on the street. He thought he was handling the situation until the board threatened to oust him due to his erratic behavior. They were kind enough to allow him the time for rehab but shortly after he got out he fell back into old habits.

Mary was a bright Masters student with bipolar disorder. She did great during her undergrad years and kept things under control with Prozac, but now she seemed to be stressed out from the pressures of doing well in her new school. She started taking fake Xanax from a supplier on campus and it just made matters so much worse. She knew she needed help but just couldn’t take the time off from school.

Ellen was very active in her community with philanthropy and charity events. She found herself increasingly lethargic after her husband passed away. He was a very powerful and wealthy man who took care of everything. Things just weren’t the same anymore and it became harder to get going in the morning, if at all. She started drinking each evening, then earlier and earlier each day and then throughout the day, until she didn’t want to even leave the house. Her friends were urging her to get help but she was too embarrassed to go to rehab.

All of the above individuals could certainly benefit from private treatment. Concierge treatment services can meet John at his convenience and the board’s, work around Mary’s school schedule and treat her dual-diagnosis and come to Ellen’s home where nobody will know she is getting the customized treatment she needs.

For more information on concierge drug addiction treatments, call us 24/7 at 888-506-1860.

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